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NodOnce OÜ is a startup development and publishing studio, founded in Tallinn, Estonia.
It helps startup ideas become a reality, by doing 3 things:

  • Shape the idea into an adoptable product and primarily narrow it down to an MVP,
  • Provide guidance and a core framework / engine (Genes) to help ease and speed up the process,
  • Advice and launch marketing steps to help reach its market / first users / leads.

You can call it a game publisher for apps...


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What is Genes?

Genes is a simple backend and frontend framework. It has no dependency on other libraries. Backend is currently PHP (more languages to come), frontend is native html, css, js. Everything is vanilla. If you're going to use to DB, it needs MySQL (more dbs to come) It's lightweight, simple and basic. No special setup required. In order to use it, you don't need to include loads of other open-source libraries. It's learning curve is very low. It's extremely flexible, as it forces no development model. It forces no deployment or CI/CD model. No special hosting required, any 5 USD/month shared hosting will do. You can use a single genes folder to create multiple clones. You can even use the same single DB.

You can easily create a multilingual simple static html website with it. You can create a blog in no time. Admin functions and user / membership actions are built in. It has a starter db structure. The idea behind the DB is that you actually don't need to mess with the DB to get your MVP up and running. Just fit your model to starter DB structure, as no user actually cares whatever your DB, or backend, or frontend technology is. They care if it is smooth operating, fast and stable while being good looking and functional. There are probably frameworks with loads of more features. But this is for you to get your MVP up and running in no time. Focused there.

Visit Genes Framework homepage for more Information

What do we do?

Of course, you can do it all. Nothing special. Some paths we have taken before. Some results we have already seen. Some ready recipes we are perfecting...

We'll try together.

Everyone is a mentor nowadays, everyone has advice on what you should do, how much you need, where it is done before, how you will fail.

We'll figure together.

While most advice is theoretical, it's not fun to do everything yourself, fix everything yourself, find audience yourself. More the merrier.

We'll create together.

It's better you do yourself what you have on your mind. This way you verify your idea, learn your obstacles, commit to your dreams. But help is always appreciated.


You have an idea. A gut. A feeling. A need. A desire. But, not every idea is a product fit for mainstream market. Well, it does not have to be. It can be a niche project. It can be a lifestyle business. We will figure out a way, together, to turn it into a minimum viable product.


You have the talents. Couple of developer friends. Some relative who is expert on cyber-security. Well, cool. You can make it easily yourself. Or you don't, and we can help you. Or you can make use of our free to use framework. To ease and speed up the creation process.


You have a network. A million visitors. Huge interaction with followers. Well, that's also cool. You can launch and check if they are the niche market you're after. Or, we can do it all together. Find the market, focus on them. Not stalk them, but find a way to help them.


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